2019 Oahu Travel Deal

2019 Oahu Travel Deal
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Planning an island trip and wondering if there are any good 2019 Oahu travel deals out there? There are always deals out there. You just have to look for them. I already did the work continuing reading to find out how our family of four booked our trip for only for under $300 out of pocket.

The Best 2019 Travel Deal

1. Find Money Making Deals

CitiBank Free Money -There was a promotion going on with CitiBank.  If you open an account with them and put a minimum in there for a period of six months you will make $500 dollars.  This is a great way to make your money work for you if you have some money in a savings account because the most you will make in interest from a savings account is a couple cents.  Read more about the CitiBank promotion from our blog here CitiBank FREE Money.

Hawaiian Air Line – Hawaiian Air Line was giving 50,000 miles to new qualified card holders for spending $3,000 within the first three months.  In addition, if you get a personal promotional email from Hawaiian Air Line to open a card with them you get a better deal.  You only have to spend $1,000 within the first three months to receive your 50,000 miles.  However, right now Hawaiian Air Line is giving 60,000 miles to new cardholders who spends $2,000 within 90 days.

CitiBank Cashback card – If you don’t already have this card, you need to get it! We use it for everything! You get 1% back on every purchase you make and another 1% back on the amount of payment you make.  To clarify, this card is only beneficial if you pay everything you charge in full every month.  Read more about the CitiBank Cashback card from our blog here CitiBank Double Cash.

2. Look for Round Trip Flights

About two months ago there was a round-trip deal from Oakland to Oahu for $420.71 per person.  After much research we learned that the cheapest time to fly to Hawaii is at the beginning of the year during the months of January, February and March.  During these months, you may even find deals less than $420.71 round-trip per person.

3. Search for your Choice of Hotel and Car

Go online and search for your choice of hotel and car rental.  For instance, if you are on a budget, you can choose a cheaper hotel and car rental to save more and spend even less on your trip.  It is totally up to you!

Our Travel Deal

The best deal we found for the time we are able to go was $420.71 round-trip per person.  For a family of four like ours it would have cost $1,684 total alone just for round-trip flights.  However we only paid $274.60 total for four round-trip flights including hotel and car rental.

First, we took advantage of the CitiBank FREE Money deal and made $500 for our trip.  After that, we opened two Hawaiian Air Line cards.  Then, we spent $3000 on one card and received 50,000 miles.  In addition, we spent $1000 one another card and received 50,000 miles.  Then we transferred all the points from one card to the other so that we have 100,000 miles on one card.  With the 100,000 miles we converted the points to $1,213.72 and purchased three round-trip tickets.  Our out-of-pocket for the three tickets came out to $48.41.  Then we paid out of pocket for one round-trip ticket in the amount of $420.71.

We chose to pay a bit more for our hotel and just picked a regular car, one that will fit all our luggage and our things.  As a result, we ended up getting a free car with our hotel at the time of booking. The total for six nights in the hotel of our choice and for the car rental came out to $1365.44.  We used the $500 we made from the CitiBank FREE Money promotion and the $529.98 we earned from using our CitiBank Double Cash card towards this cost.  This brought the total to $335.46 out of pocket cost.

In conclusion, the total for Oahu Travel Trip came out to $274.60 out of pocket for four people.  See the breakdown below:

It takes strategy to get the best deal! We just showed you how we did it.  You DO NOT have to spend a fortune to go on a family vacation.

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