Affiliate Marketing Success with ClickBank

Affiliate Marketing Success with ClickBank
Posted on By Paul
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There are lots of Affiliate Marketing Success stories of regular individuals who are making some serious money with ClickBank. My case study below details how I got started with ClickBank and my results with Affiliate Marketing.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a website dedicated to selling online digital goods internationally to over 190 countries, is the top 100 online Retailer with over 200 million customers and they are continually growing.  ClickBank offers a great platform for both vendors and affiliate marketers.

The Cost to Marketing ClickBank Products

It does not cost much to get started with becoming an affiliate marketer especially if you are just getting started.  Actually it is free to sign up with ClickBank.  What cost money is the traffic ads however I did my test without paying for advertisement so you can too.

Why no traffic ad?

Because I wanted to see if it’s possible to make money without using money.  The draw back though is that it may take longer to see results but it surely does still work.

Read on to see my case study.

If you want to start your Journey to Affiliate Marketing, look into ClickBank University 2.0.  It offers great information on how to get started with ClickBank from two successful 7 Figure ClickBank marketers.

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Case Study

This case study shows that it is very possible to make an income selling digital goods online and it would be a great way to generate a steady stream of income for Affiliate Marketers.

Mind you I am not an expert when it comes to marketing but I’ve done some testing over the years and it has worked really well for me.

The key element to being successful is to drive relevant traffic to the product you are trying to sell.  Without traffic, there will most likely be no sales.

Remember Affiliate Marketing Success requires work to see results. If it is setup properly in the beginning, it can generate passive income.

The Test

I did a test about a two years ago to see if it was possible to generate income from digitals products.  I put in a few hours at the beginning to set things up and never really put in any more time to increase the traffic to the product.

Today it is still generating some passive income but the income has really decreased and thats probably because it’s a small niche and the traffic has decreased because of my lack of engagement.  I know that if I focused more on driving traffic to the product, I would probably get more sales.

This is something you can achieve as well.  It’s a great way to generate a bit of income on the side.

So How Much was Made?

Like I said before…. not much…… but then again, I only put in few hours. See the image below. I’m working on building traffic to the offer this summer and hope that it will drive more sales.

The Results

I started this test in 2016.  Then I let it do it’s thing for the next two years and haven’t done a thing since.

The chart below shows the income for 2017.  Nothing much for sure.  In fact it’s kind of embarrassing that I’m showing this to you but I think it needs to be shared.  You will not get rich doing it the way I did it because I did not put much effort into it.

However what I want to show you is that Affiliate Marketing success with ClickBank is possible.

Affiliate Marketing Success with ClickBank

I made $354.44 in 2017. Nothing to brag about but I wonder how much more I would have made if I was consistently increasing traffic to the product.

In 2018, I’m only at $130 and some change.  Traffic has drastically died down which resulted in less conversions.

How was it achieved?

It was not that hard to get the results above.  I had done some marketing in the past so I leveraged what I already knew.  For this case study, I used Pinterest.

I had a buddy who introduced me to the idea of a picture linking back to a post.

And guess what?  That is exactly what I did.

I created a Pinterest account.  In that account, I put in a few boards and quite a bit of pictures.  For following two weeks, I worked on pinning other images along with uploading my own image.  My images were linked back to the product that I was selling.  When other Pinterest users pinned my image, their followers sees the image.

Anyone that clicked on the image was taken to the product page.

That was how I was getting the sales!

It took some time to load images daily.  It was not an easy task.

Although it was also not hard, it would have been easier to use a product like Tailwind to schedule all my pins.  TailwindTailwind offers some cool features that makes you work more efficiently.

Tailwind offers bulk image uploads, drag and drop calendaring, multi board pinning and more.  Go ahead and click here to find out more info.

Can anyone do it?

Affiliate Marketing Success can be achieved by anyone.  You just need to be focused and consistent.  If you work on it for 2 hours a day, you will surely see results.

Part of the reason I did not see big gains is because I was busy with other businesses which I will discuss in a different post.

Anyhow it was consuming all my time so I could not focus on getting the traffic I needed to the ClickBank product I was promoting.

Follow these 4 steps and you will succeed.  

  1. Get Focused.  Like razor sharp.
  2. Be consistent.  Work on it everyday at the very least. 2hrs a day.
  3. Pick the right product.  A product with a big audience. A product that you would buy.
  4. Work on getting Traffic to your product.

If you want me to write an in depth  post on the 4 steps above, please let me know in the comment below.

Traffic Source


I used Pinterest as the main source for driving traffic to my ClickBank product, created a few boards but only one board was focused on driving traffic to the product and created pins with catchy phrases.  You have to understand that you only have one chance for a pinner to see your image and click on it.

If it catches the eye or their emotion, then it will likely get pinned and clicked.

Your image must be of high quality that tells a story.  Your choice of words on the pin must hit a pin point.

With this tactic, it will help drive traffic to your ClickBank product.  If you look at my site, most post will have a tall rectangle imaged shape that I use for Pinterest.

Make sure that you are using the same image size when creating Pinterest images, typically 735px(width) x 1102px(height). Canva utilizes this resolution for Pinterest.

I will be making a post on my Canva account where I go in-depth on how I created images using this online photo editing tool. Sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when that article is released.Canva

I manually posted a few images a day for a few weeks.  Traffic was slow at first but I got a few in the first day.  By the end of the week, it went up and I was getting a few sales.

Even after a year, it still produced a little bit of income.

Not too shabby.

The trick was to create an image that was unusual, like a a tree growing in the middle of the dessert or a whale super close to the coast line.

Then you layer it with a phrase that catches the pinner’s attention.


  1. Create very catchy Pinterest Pins with high quality images.  Carefully select a phrase that catches attention.
  2. Find a ClickBank product and drive traffic from Pinterest to the product.
  3.  Make sure your product brings value.  Don’t just try to sell a product.  You have to make sure it solves a problem.  Remember, you should try to help others as much as possible.

NOTE:  During my test, Pinterest started blocking ClickBank links.  I had to created a forwarder where the Pinterest link went to my website and from there it was forwarded to the ClickBank product. 

Possible Improvements

Selling a higher priced product would have possibly yield a higher commission for that test knowing I wasn’t going to commit a lot of time.  Of course you never know till you try it.  Selling a higher priced product usually will mean less sales.

On the upside, selling a higher priced product would have taken the same amount of effort.

One thing I did not think to do was to setup a Landing Page.  I just sent the traffic straight to the product page which is a no no in the marketing space.

I should have capture the email and then send the customer to the product page.  That way, I can send out emails every few days to build up the relationship before offering the product once more.

This would have resulted in a higher commission.

Lastly, I could have pay for traffic but I chose not to. I know it takes money to make money but I wanted to see if it is possible to make money without spending money.

Ultimately it’s relevant traffic that converts.  Getting traffic doesn’t mean that you get sales.  It still needs to be relevant.

Affiliate Marketing Success Update

I wanted to start increasing traffic to my ClickBank product to see if I can get sales since my commission has been low this year.  Here’s what I did:

  1. Posted more scheduled pins in my Pinterest Account the past week and a half.  You can use Tailwind to schedule out your pins.
  2. Increase my followers from 256 to 747 by following others.
  3. Re-pin my best performing pins.
  4. Created a Landing page to capture emails and then forward the user to the product page

Here’s the impressions on my Pinterest account.  It’s steadily going up.  I went from 3,798 to 57,755 impressions and 1977 viewers to 31,105 viewers in a few days.

Pinterest Impressions

From my landing page, I managed to capture 6 new leads so far.  Not bad for not offering anything free.  I am, however, working a free ebook to give out which I think will help with the lead generation.  More A/B split testing to come for this.

I made a one sale and one add-on sale so far.  Sales should have been higher but my landing pages still needs to be tweaked.

If I wasn’t looking to get emails, the conversion might be higher by sending the traffic straight to the product page instead of my landing page.  My landing page really needs to be tweaked.

Here’s a measly sales I received on the 3rd.  Nothing special but I hope to work on my landing page so that I will get more leads.

From there, I can start a email campaign and hopefully get some sales after the 7th email.

ClickBank Sales


This Case Study with ClickBank did yield some commission with just Pinterest traffic.  It does take some time and research to get it going.  Once it is going, it would be ideal to keep the traffic coming. In my case, I started two years ago and have not touched it since.

I recently decided to increase traffic to the product in hopes that it will generate more commission.

Overall marketing ClickBank product is free to get started but it will take some time and a thought out process to get it going.  Affiliate marketing still works today and I think it will continue to work in the future.

If you have any questions or comments regarding ClickBank and affiliate marketing, feel free to post in the comment section and I will answer it.

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