Citi Double Cash Perks

Citi Double Cash Perks
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Want to earn Free Cash?

We found the perfect card!  The “Citi Double Cash Card” is a credit card and it is our favorite.  We literally use this card for EVERYTHING we possibly can such as electricity, cell phones, food, dining, and other shopping.  After all, we have bills to pay and grocery to do regardless.

Why not earn 2% back?Unlike other cards, this card is pretty simple.  The rules are easy!  You earn 1% for all your purchases and you earn 1% for all your payments.  It really adds up.  There is no limit or cap as to how much you can earn.  Simple…  right?  There’s not much thinking involved.

Plus… there is NO annual fee.

One thing we want to share with our readers is that we are not fond of debt.  This is why we are picky with credit cards.  We only have a credit card if it will benefit us in some way.  And… most importantly we always pay off our credit cards at the end of each statement cycle.

How Citi Double Cash helped us?

We’ve had this card for about a year as of today.  We LOVE it and use it as our primary card.  In 2017, we had this card for 6 months and our spending on this card totaled $27,580.11.  From the 6 month’s spending, we have earned $993.99 cash back from the Citi Double Cash card.  This would had been money that we would have spent whether we get cash back or not.  2% may not seem like it’s a lot but receiving something back is better than not receiving anything at all.  If you are not using this card, you are leaving your hard earned money on the table for someone else.


Again…  with the Citi Double Cash card, you earn 1% cash back on all your purchases and you earn another 1% cash back on all your payments.  Make sure you pay on time if you want to benefit from this card!  When you earn your cash back you can cash it out anytime.  However, there are two options as to how you can cash out.  You can either cash out your earnings by transferring your earnings straight to your preferred bank account or you can use it towards your balance.

We recommend, that you always transfer out your earnings and not use it towards your balance.  Why? Because, when you use it towards your balance you are not using your money to pay off your balance so you will not earn your 2%.  When you use your earning to pay off your balance it acts as a credit to lower your balance.  This is why it is better to transfer the earnings to your bank account and then pay off your balances at the end of each statement so that you get your 2%.

More Benefits

The best part of using this card is the price rewind.  If they find a lower price elsewhere than the price you paid on your statement, they will notify you on your statement to do a price rewind.  All you have to do is use their price rewind that they already offer on their site for the purchase they already pointed out to you and tell them what it is that you purchased.

The statement only shows the total purchase for each transaction so they do not know what you have purchased.  Once this is done, they will let you know whether they have found a cheaper price elsewhere.  If they did, they will do a price rewind and refund the difference to you directly.  You will see it on your statement.

Another perk they offer is Private Pass for their members.  At customers can get pre-sale tickets, VIP concert packages, sporting events, dinning experiences, complimentary movie screening and more.

Their service includes, free credit check.  As a member, you have the option to check your FICO score as often as you want for free.  Be assure, that checking your FICO score monthly will not affect your score.  They do an awesome job explaining the key factors that affect your FICO score as well as providing a visual illustration of your scores on a monthly basis to show how you are doing.   They work with Equifax to obtain your monthly scores, so your score is pretty valid.  In addition, they provide educational videos on FICO scores.

Credit Card Protection

This card is a accepted almost everywhere.  The customer service it superb!  We always feel like we are in good hands with Citi.  Whenever there is problem you can reach them through email or phone and a representative will be there to help you right away.  You are not liable for charges that you did not make.

If you see something fishy just call them and they will take care of it right away.  Plus, they have 24 hour fraud protection.  They will call you if they see something weird activities on your account.  They also have identity theft solutions.  If you ever lose your wallet, your card can be replaced within 24 hours.


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