CitiBank is Giving Away FREE Money: Get Yours!

CitiBank is Giving Away FREE Money: Get Yours!
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You Take advantage of Citibank Promotions!

Citibank PromotionsIn August of 2018, Citibank sent me a special invite.  The promotion that I received required me to open a Citibank Interest checking account for which I did the same month.  The promotion was to deposit $15k ( or up to $100k)  into a qualified checking or savings account and hold that balance for 60 days then earn $500 (or up to $1500).  At the time, it made more sense to do the $15k option so that was the route I took.

Here’s the email that I received.  I had to enroll by the end of September to get the $500 promotion.  This was a good deal so I took advantage of it.  This came out to a 3.33% gain within 4 months.  Not so bad compared to most banks at less thank half a percent.

I then waited 2 months (60 days) but still received no payment.  Where was my $500?  That got me worried so I went back to read the small print over and found that I wasn’t missing anything.  I had signed up for the account and maintained my balance like I should.

After a few days of waiting, I decided to reached out to customer service to verify when payment would be made.  Surprisingly I was told that payment would be made 2 months after the 60 days.  So I waited another two months.

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Payment was finally received on 12/11/2018.

Yah! This was a relief and this was by far the easiest work free payment ever.   I logged into my Citibank account and verified my balance.  Low and behold it increased by 3.33%. All I had to do was to sign up for the checking account, deposit my money and wait 4 months.  Well the money wasn’t going anywhere so having it sit in the Citibank account for a few months to gain a few hundred dollars was worth it.

Here’s the balance as of today.


Citibank Promotions are still available till the end of December so you still have time to sign up.  Click here to sign up before it is too late!

This new promotion has change so make sure to read the fine print.   The current Citibank Promotion is only offering $400.  To get the additional $100, you have to sign up for direct deposit for those two months.  Again, I stress reading the fine print to make sure you know what you are getting into.

I hope you get your $500 soon!  Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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