July 2018 Goals

July 2018 Goals
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We live in a small three bedroom home, which is plenty of space for our family of four… however, Paul and I both come from very big families which many Asian families out there can relate.  We end up acquiring more things than the four of us can use such as dishes, giant pots and pans that take up a lot of space and such just so that when we do have our big family gatherings we would have what is needed to prepare a meal.  In addition, we have to keep extra bedding sheets, pillows, and comforters in the house for the times we have guests overnight.  Just things like this, takes up spaces in the house so we are limited to space.  As a result, every other month we clean up by doing some sort of spring cleaning and we end up throwing away bags of items such as clothing, toys, and house hold items.  In July, we plan to do something different.  To earn more money, we will first work on selling the items we no longer want and then donate them to un-clutter our house and make more space.

For the past few months, Paul and I have been going through our monthly budget together and we realized that a big chunk of our income is going towards food.  Paul’s budget in mind for food each month is $400 and we are going way over our budget each month.  We are currently spending anywhere from $800 – $1000 on grocery and eating out each month.  In July, we plan to eat out less and be more aware of what we are purchasing when we go grocery shopping.  No more letting the kids grab whatever they want at the grocery stores.

We want to save more and make more therefore, we will have to find more ways to bring in additional income to be able to do the things we want to do and at the same time pay down our debt.  In July, we will be researching other ways we can bring in extra income.  We will be updating our July goals on our next monthly goal post so stay tune.

Every year, we do a family trip and go somewhere nice to vacation and spend time with our kids.  It has become a family tradition for us.  The last three years we have been going to Hawaii so this year we plan to go to Cancun.  Unfortunately we have not been out of the country before and this will be our first trip out of the country where a passport is required.  In July, our goal is to get our passports done.  This will be something to look forward to.  Below is our goal for the month of July.


  1. Clean our closets: do some selling and donation
  2. Spend less money on food and eat out less: do not let kids grab whatever they want at the grocery store
  3. Research other ways to bring in additional income
  4. Get our passports done

Our goal for this month is to generate an additional $300.

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