Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for Beginners

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for Beginners
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Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is probably one of the best tools used for finding products on Amazon.  If you have never used this tool before, the information below will definitely help you get started. I used this tool to assist with my Amazon FBA Case Study Including Results article.

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What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is nothing more than a tool used to assist in your product research.  Jungle Scout offers an online browser based search tool and a Chrome Extension.  I prefer the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension and will only be talking about the extension the rest of the page.  Jungle Scout offers a lot of information that will assist you in deciding if a product is something worth selling.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for BeginnersJungle Scout Chrome Extension for beginners

Let’s start with the basics.  If you’re a beginner, one things for sure.  You probably want to cut cost or keep it very minimal because success is still uncertain at this point.  It was the same for me.  The last thing I wanted was to go out of business due to reoccurring fees. The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a one time fee which is a nice thing.  I started with this tool because of that.

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a very easy tool to use because it blends right in with the Chrome Browser.  With one click, you’re able to gather all the information you’ll need for a particular product.

Installing the Chrome Extension

  1. Purchase the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension
  2. Install the Extension by going here
  3. The Jungle Scout button is now available. It’s next to the web address bar.Jungle Scout Chrome Extension
  4. Click on the Jungle Scout button and enter in your user credentials (created at Jungle Scout when purchasing the extension).

Continue reading to discover how I do product research.

Product Research with Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

I like to start off with a niche that I’m familiar with when doing my product research. For me, it is the automotive industry, toys, games, computers, electronics, etc.  For you it may be something else. Whatever it is, you will need to find a targeted niche and focus on products within that niche.

So how do I start with my product research?  Well here is the process take for my product research.

  1. Make a list of Manufacturer in my niche. I am going to use Linksys as my example.
  2. Search through Amazon based on the Manufactures. Linksys
  3. Use Jungle Scout to pull data based on the results. Click on the Jungle Scout extension. Then click “Extract Next Page” a few time to pull more products into view.Jungle Scout Extension
  4. Filter out items that sells for less than $13.  You can sell items below this price point but I feel like the profit is so little that it is not worth my time.  Of course it depends on the price you can get the product for. Filter Results from Jungle Scout
  5. Sort product by monthly sales.  Focus on the items that sell.  Based on our example, we see that Netgear made out list because it was a product that was advertised along with Linksys products.  That item can be filter out if needed.  If we focus on Linksys products, we see that the Linksys AC1900 sell about 1479 units per month. Jungle Scout Sort by Sales
  6. Click on the Linksys product to see how many Prime sellers there are.  This will give you an idea of how many units you can sell.
  7. Make sure to filter by “Prime” and “New”.  This example shows us that there are 15 Prime sellers. We filter by Prime is because most of the time these sellers are the ones who win the Buy Box. Is this product Profitable?

  8. Let’s do some basic math. There are 15 Prime sellers,  16 including myself. This product sells 1479 units per month.  1479 divided by 16 equals 92 possible units that I can sell.  Now we see that the lowest it’s being sold for is $60.72 which is probably at a break even point.  The only way to know is if we have the wholesale price.
  9. Contact the manufacturer to see if you can get a price sheet  but you’ll need to have a business license for this process.  Once you have the wholesale price, determine if this product is worth selling by using Amazons seller calculator to calculate profits.
  10. Repeat the process and look at the next product from the Jungle Scout list


This is a tedious process but it works. I am using the same method to find products within my niche.  Finding products using the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension makes it very easy.  The hardest part is opening an account with manufacturer.  Most, if not all, will direct you to a distributor.

I hope this beginners guide will help you in finding your first product to sell on Amazon. If you have any questions or comments, please leave it down in the comment section below!

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