How to create a WordPress Website with BlueHost

How to create a WordPress Website with BlueHost
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If you want to start blogging, you’ll need a website… plain and simple.  The problem though is that there are so many options out there which makes it hard for one to decide.  I have not personally tested all  hosting providers out there since there are so many but I’ve tested the top few such as Godaddy, BlueHost, Arvixe, Eleven2, HostGator and SiteGround to name a few.

I am more than happy to help you set up WordPress if you decide to purchase your hosting through BlueHost.  Just email me.

So what is best for a beginner?  Let’s get to the point… without all the fluff! 

Lets start off by identifying what is Needed for a Website

The 3 main components to starting a WordPress website include the Domain Name, WebHosting Provider and the WordPress Content Management System.

Domain Name

Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHostDomain names function on the Internet similar to that of a physical address. You will need a domain name in order to be searchable on the web.  When a user types in a domain name on the URL address bar, the web browser searches the DNS Webservers for the location of the website.  The website name is then translated into the IP address location of the website and then routes the user to the website.  Basically the domain name points to the Website Server IP address.  It is easier for a reader to remember a word or phrase (domain name), then a set of numbers(domain name resolution address) when trying to reach your website.

I recommend keeping your website site under 5 syllable. Anything longer would just take more effort to commit to memory from a readers perspective. Making it simple to remember gives you the higher chance of the reader coming back to your website.

Keep your domain name simple and your readers will come back!


For the most part, a beginner who is starting fresh would need a hosting provider with good storage and bandwidth plan.  Optional would be an SSL cert and data backup which BlueHost offers.  Most if not all hosting plans today are pretty generous when it comes to data storage and website traffic.  Most will offer a few gigs to an unlimited plan.  BlueHost offers the best plan out there when new bloggers are starting off.  They have the best price as well!

Get it today for $3.95 per month on a 3 year plan.  They offer the best deal around for Beginners!!

Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost


WordPress is a content management system that is widely used on the web.  About 25% of the websites in the world are based on this content management system because it’s a very powerful and robust management platform.

One thing to note, WordPress officially recommends BlueHost when it comes to website hosting.

You can see it on WordPress’s website.  WordPress has a full developer team that works on the WordPress platform to ensure that WordPress is continually updated.  WordPress also offers a plethora of plugins to do just about anything that can be imagined.  This is very powerful!  Read this Article, Top 3 Tips to Secure your WordPress Blog, on adding the necessary plugins to ensure your website is secured.

Why is BlueHost a Great Provider? It’s Affordable for Beginners!

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out different offerings from different providers with WordPress installed and I must say that I’m very impressed with the hosting provided by BlueHost. At $3.95 per month for the entry Basic plan, it will keep the initial cost of running a website very low!  This plan offers 50GB of website space which is enough for most websites.  The bandwidth is unlimited in all their plans so you don’t have to worry about additional payment for website traffic.  SSL is standard to ensure the communication between your BlueHost WordPress website and your reader’s browser is encrypted.

See the image below for all the plan details.

What I recommend is the Prime Plan because it offers CodeGuard Basic which is the tool used for backing up your website automatically.  You may wonder why you need it but I personally have had to use it to restore my website due a bad plugin.  Getting this option would ensure that you can roll back if something fails on your website!

BlueHost comes with a free Domain Name so if you need one, you can get one.  It’s included in the BlueHost plan.

Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost


While being on a Share Hosting, I’ve noticed that the performance has been nothing but great.  Very fast and speedy when loading my website. Looking at my cPanel dashboard, I can see that the Server hosting my website has a total of 20 CPUs and it is at a load of 3.45 which is pretty low for a shared account.  Memory (RAM) is at 22.27% load which is pretty low as well.  Servers typically has 64GB or more of RAM so at 22.27% utilization, there’s still more RAM in there available for when you need it.  Data storage is abundant as well based on the Disk listed below.  You can monitor this over time and get an idea if the server is healthy or being overly populated with websites. One thing to note is that BlueHost just recently updated their Servers to SSD storage which will give your website a performance boost as hard drives are usually the bottle neck in a server.


Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

Customer Support

I have had nothing but great Customer Service from BlueHost.  You can call BlueHost by dialing 1 (888) 401-4678 if you need support.  I had a few questions before setting up my account and BlueHost answered in a timely manner.  So far so good. There is not much to say here in this department as I have not encountered any issue.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Setup your Website on BlueHost

Now if you are serious with getting your website, you can do so by clicking on the BlueHost image below.  Follow my instructions below to setup your website.

Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

  1. Go to and select “Hosting” then “Shared Hosting”.

Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

2. Select the Plan that works best for you. I recommend the Prime account for the ability to backup and restore your website.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

3. Enter in your desired domain name.  This part will take some time because the domain that you think of may not be available.  Just be patient.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

4. Enter in all the pertinent information to create your account.

Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost5. Under “package extras” select the option that you need.  Domain Privacy Protection is a great option to ensure that your personal information is kept private. Codeguard is another option that I recommend as it offers automatic backup and restore solutions if you are not on the Prime plan.

Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

6. Your account is ready.  Click “No Thanks” to continue since this is a blogging website as you will not be accepting credit card payments directly from your readers.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost7. Congratulations, your account is up. Click on “Create your password”. Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost8. Create your password, agree to the terms and then click “Next” to continue.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

9. Password has been created. Now click on “log in” to continue.
Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost10. This process takes 1 minute as your account is being created.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost11. Select your WordPress Theme.  You can change it later if needed to.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost12. Setting up your WordPress site takes about 5 minutes.  Sit back and relax.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost13. Your website is up.  Click “Start Building” to go to your BlueHost Dashboard.Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost14. This is your BlueHost backend Dashboard.  To get to your WordPress backend, click on “Log in to WordPress”.  Learn how to Create a WordPress Blog with BlueHost15. Congratulations on setting up your very First BlueHost WordPress account. You are ready to start your very first post under the Post section.

Check out my future article for details on how to navigate through the WordPress Backend. For now, read 3 Tips to Secure your WordPress Blog, to secure your newly created website.

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Again I can help you set up WordPress if you decide to purchase your hosting through BlueHost.  Just email me.
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