Make Money Online By Selling your Unused Items

Make Money Online By Selling your Unused Items
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Making money online is not that hard but it is also not easy.  You have to be persistent when it comes to online sales.  The good thing is that anyone can get started, it does not take an expert to start selling and it’s literally free.  Well almost.  Lets make money online!


Start selling the items that you no longer need or use.  Rule of thumb, if it hasn’t been used for over a year, then sell it.  Sell it before it loses it’s value. I startedselling online when and was the buzz back in 1998.  There are more platforms to chose from today but these two were the ones that started it off for me.

The top website that comes to mind includes,, and

Make Money Online by Selling Your Items

When selling your items online, I recommend to try and sell it locally first.  Your best option for this would be I have found that selling on Craigslist helps get 70% of my items sold.  I personally use Craigslist and like that it is free. charges $1 for their most basic ad which is still not a bad option but I have not used them since they’ve changed the design of their website.  It just seems to busy.

Selling your items locally will get the most money because there are no additional fees owed when the item sells.

Setup up your Craigslist Account
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “my account”
  3. Enter in your email address and click “Create account”
    Create an account with Craigslist to Make Money Online
  4. Log into your email
  5. Confirm your new account by clicking on the email link from CraigslistCraigslist Welcome Email
  6. Setup your password with Craigslist

That is all it take to setup an account with Craigslist.  Next you can post up an item for sale.

  1. Log into Craigslist
  2. Select the city to post inCraigslist City Search
  3. Click on “post to classifieds”Post to Craigslist
  4. Select “For Sale by Owner” assuming you are selling for yourselfSelect the Craigslist Category
  5. Select the Category your item will fall under
  6. Enter in all the details about your item then continueCraigslist Form
  7. Enter in your address if you desire. I always leave this blank as I don’t want people coming to my house
  8. Upload your Images
  9. Click Publish

Ebay and Amazon charges up to 15% of the sold price.

That is a lot of money to give away.

Stick to Craigslist and sell on Craigslist as your first option.  Remember you want to make money online!  You should always try to keep as much as possible and selling on Craigslist is free so you can avoid the fees that other platform charges.

What If It Does Not Sell?

If the item does not sell on Craigslist, try selling it on or as a second option and be prepared to pay the 15% fee when the item is sold.  It is hard to pay the fees when you are selling a high ticket item and the fees come out to a few hundred dollars but that is the price to pay for utilizing these platforms.

I personally like Ebay over Amazon because you have two options when it comes to selling your product.

You can auction it off or sell it as a “buy it now” option.

You can even offer both auction style and buy it now at the same time and let the buyer decide if they would rather buy it outright at the price you’ve entered or start it with the auction option.  Make sure to do your research to see what that item is selling for to ensure you make money online. You want to maximize your return.

To ensure your item will sell, post your item a few dollars less that what the item normally sells for on Ebay or Amazon.

With Amazon, they have a buy box which complicates things a bit.  That is why I prefer Ebay. Amazon favors their “FBA” products and will most likely offer an FBA (Fullfillment by Amazon) item instead merchant fullfilled.  Just keep that in mind when selling on Amazon.

For the record, I have been able to sell almost everything that I have posted on Ebay.

If an item does not sell the second time around, I will usually donate it to the Salvation Army or Good Will for a tax write off.  This is something you can do as well.

Make sure to use good title and clear high quality pictures for your Ebay post.  Your items will sell faster with better images.  Also make sure to explain, in great detail, what item you are selling along with the condition.  The last thing you want is a refund because the condition of the item was not very well explained.

FaceBook Market Place

Another option would be to use Facebook Market Place to make money online.  I have used it a few times and it has worked out great.  The Facebook apps makes it very convenient because you can take the picture of the item and then post it right away from your Facebook app.

Your smartphone’s built in camera along with Facebooks app makes it easy to sell your items on Facebook.

More traffic equals more customers equals more sales.

There are a lot of other online selling websites that you can use but keep in mind that a website with higher traffic means more eyes looking at your products which will usually result in a higher chance of your item being sold.  Remember, you want to make money online by selling some of your items.


  1. Sell the items that you no longer use
  2. Post it on Craigslist to maximize the money you keep
  3. The items that does not sell on Craigslist should be posted on Ebay or Amazon as a second option
  4. Use Facebook Market Place as a third option to sell your items



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