Making Money Online for Entrepreneurs

Making Money Online for Entrepreneurs
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Have you every thought about making money online as an option?  I have. I will discuss making money online for entrepreneurs in this article.  The process is not hard but it’s also not easy as It will take time and dedication to earn a few extra bucks online.  Lets continue on.Making Money Online for Entrepreneurs

I started off selling on auction websites back in 2002 just testing out what the platform was all about.  Today, things have gotten easier.  Technology has progress drastically and with the advancement in technology, businesses has created new platforms to help the average person sell.

Let’s start off with the basic.  If you are new to selling online, read this post on how to Make Money Online By Selling your Unused Items. It will help you get started with selling some of your old, but valuable, items that you no longer use around the house.

That is the easiest way to get started.

Making Money Online for Entrepreneurs

Here are some platforms you should consider when starting off with making money online.


Craigslist is a great site to get started with making money online if you have a bunch of old items to get rid of.

If you read through my article titled Make Money Online By Selling your Unused Items, you’ll noticed I recommend selling on this platform first as it’s a great way to get your feet wet with selling online plus you don’t have to deal with all the fees associated with other platforms.


Making Money Online for EntrepreneursAmazon is probably one of the biggest marketplace in the US or possible around the world.  They offer the ability to sell used and new items.

They even offer what is called FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) for those who does not want to deal with the logistics end when selling items.  Great for product visibility.

You can start off my opening an account, then list your items through your Seller Central backend. I think it is pretty challenging to post on Amazon when you first start but it gets easier as you post more items.

Let me know in the comment below if you want to know my thoughts on why it is challenging when you first start.


Making Money Online for EntrepreneursEtsy is a great website to sell your unique custom products. If you are into art and like to create things, check out Etsy to see if you can sell your items there. I’ve bought a number of things from Etsy, however I have not sold anything on that platform.  If you have, please let me know if the process is similar to Ebay and Amazon.


Making Money Online for EntrepreneursSell your automobiles online with AutotraderAutotrader has been around for a long time and they offer great potential for selling vehicles.  I’ve used this in the past to sell my cars to another private party.


Making Money Online for EntrepreneursEbay is one of the great platforms that I started off with back in 2002.  This platform offers the ability to sell at a “buy it now” price or to auction it off which will give you the option to test the market to maximize the amount of money you would get for your item. Give this platform a try to see what I mean.


Making Money Online for EntrepreneursLetgo started in 2015 and has grown steadily.  They are a marketplace to sell items online.  They are fairly new but has gain a lot of attention the past few years because they offer their services for free unlike Ebay or Amazon.

Plus they have an app to make selling with a phone much easier.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great option as I find myself using this more and more since I’m always on Facebook.

You can join Facebook Groups and sell in there which then gives you the option to post the same item on many other groups along with FB Marketplace.

FB marketplace will usually display to those who are close around your area which makes it great for selling to the local community.

Very similar to selling on Craigslist however it’s better due to the fact that you know who is inquiring about the item because the person who is interested will most likely message you on Facebook.


Alibaba / AliExpress

Making Money Online for EntrepreneursIf you are considering selling brand new items Internationally, I would recommend Alibaba or AliExpress.  They are both owned by Alibaba but they are both very different.

Alibaba is catered towards the business to business crowd while AliExpress is for the consumer.  If you have a box of the same product that you would like to sell as a package deal, it might be easier to sell it on Alibaba.

The reason being is that you are selling it to other businesses.

If you are looking to just sell a few items, then AliExpress is probably for you and as the market move towards selling Globally, it might be a good idea to be ahead of the game and start selling on the platform that caters to a larger crowd. Of course this can be up for debate but that is way I see the market moving.


Affiliate Marketing


Making Money Online for Entrepreneurs

ClickBank offers digital products. They are the top 100 online retailer with over 200 million customers.

ClickBank has a wide variety of products to offer from weight loss, business, online marketing to even photography.  If you want to start selling other people’s digital product, this is the website for you.  Read the post Affiliate Marketing Success with ClickBank where I discuss my success with ClickBank.  I think you will find it very interesting how it works and how it can help you make an extra few hundred dollars passively.



Making Money Online for EntrepreneursJVZoo is free to join!  They offer instant commissions, one affiliate link for all products in a sales funnel, real time tracking of your traffic and earnings, auto bonus delivery, 2-tier affiliate commissions, instant sale notification and more.  I have not tried selling JVZoo affiliate products but I will soon.  Sign up to see my post on JVZoo once I’m done testing the platform.

Amazon Associates

Making Money Online for EntrepreneursOne of the easiest ways to get started with Affiliate Marketing is to sell Amazon product using affiliate links. Details on how you can make money online with their associate platform can be found here.

Go here to sign up and get started.  When your readers click on your link and make any purchases, you’ll be compensated.

The cool thing about this platform is that you get paid for anything that is purchased through your link within 24 hours.  It does not need to be the item you were linking to.  The second cool feature is that you’ll be compensated up to 90 days if the customer puts any product into their basket during the 24 hour period when they clicked on your link.


Services to Offer

Besides selling your old items online or selling other peoples products, you can offer your skills as a service to generate some income.

If you are an expert or have a specific skill such as writing, proofreading, programming, engineering, language, etc., you can offer services to other potential clients.

I have listed a few service website where you can get started with offering your service today.


Making Money Online for EntrepreneursYou can offer your skills on Upwork.  Services you can offer includes the following:

  • Web Development
  • Application Development
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Database Administrator
  • Designing
  • Admin support

Keep in mind that Upwork takes 20% of your revenue so when you post your service rate, ensure to account for the 20% fee that you’ll need to cover.

Upwork charges a freelancer sliding fee based on the freelancers lifetime billing.  See chart below for details.

Making Money Online for Entrepreneurs

3dhubsMaking Money Online for Entrepreneurs

3Dhubs offer 3d prints, injection molding and CNC parts.  If you own a 3d printer or any of the other services that 3Dhubs has to offer, you can offer up your service on 3dhubs.

Users from around the states can select your service and pay you to create their 3d object.  I have tested this service when I owned my FormLabs Form 1 3d Printer.

The service is pretty straight forward as 3DHubs offers a calculator built within its platform which can help you determine the cost of the item based on the customers design before the buyer commits.

You also have the ability to set a price for your time and the cost of material.  This is a great way to start your part time 3d printing service and make money online as an entrepreneur.

FreelancerMaking Money Online for Entrepreneurs

Freelancer is pretty much the same as Upwork in the service they offer. They has been around for awhile now and have expanded to offer a full line of service work which includes but are not limited the list below.

  • Information Technology
  • Web development
  • Programming
  • Writing
  • Design and Media
  • Data Entry
  • Administrative work
  • Engineering
  • Science



Surveys that pay cash list some of the surveys that we’ve tested.

You can read more about what we’ve done on that article here.  Basically you sign up for the survey, get screened, the most appropriate surveys are sent to you and once you complete them, you get paid.

It’s a very simple and easy way to get started if you have some free time.


Making Money Online is a viable solution.  My recommendation is to start off slow to understand the selling process.  When I first started, it was confusing trying to navigate and learn each platform and that is why I recommend starting with Craigslist and only accepting cash.

I even bought this counterfeit pen from here:  to make sure that the cash received was legit.

Make sure to protect yourself!  I then graduated to selling on other platforms such as Ebay and Amazon which had their own way of exchanging money.

Remember to take it slow and easy.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have used any of these services and you want to share your experienced.  I’d like to know! Thanks

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